Live lawnmowers spring into action at Stanbrook Abbey

THIS is a story about sheep, which of course gives free rein to endless puns like, have ewe herd the news (although that mixes up sheep and cattle), a woolly tale and the adventures of Lambo.

However the bottom line is that while most people wheel out the lawnmower to cut the law, the management at Stanbrook Abbey turn out the sheep.

To support the local farming community, the luxury destination venue at Callow End, near Malvern, has welcomed 30 Jacob sheep belonging to local farmer Steve Paige to graze on the lush green acreage surrounding the former convent.

Paul Motzheim, deputy general manager at Stanbrook Abbey, said: “We appreciate the hard work local farmers do throughout the year so it’s great to be in a position to support our community. The sheep happily skipped on to our grass and have settled in quite nicely.

“While Steve tends to his fields to rejuvenate and prepare for next season, we are more than happy to accommodate his flock. The grounds of the abbey are so beautiful and our new additions will make for a great family day out and help us bleat the competition.”

Mr Paige added: “Jacob sheep are a rare, spotted breed and often have four horns, making them particularly unusual. The flock at Stanbrook Abbey look very at home grazing on their land, I think I’ll struggle to get them back home now. They’ll probably reckon I’m baa-me.”

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