Things to do and places to visit

Roam the beautiful grounds at Stanbrook Abbey, venture to the Malvern Hills and beyond, or simply potter around The Cotswolds with plenty to explore and discover around every corner.

Rewind, relax and recharge at Stanbrook Abbey

If you simply just want to kick back, relax and unwind during your stay in Stanbrook Abbey, that’s absolutely fine. However, if and when you’re feeling recharged and in the mood for action and excitement, we’ll be only too happy to oblige! There’s so much to see and do, lots to explore and plenty to discover with our exciting history leading the way.

The grounds alone at Stanbrook Abbey offer lots of room for revitalising your body and soul, covering an impressive 26-acres with a great collection of outdoor activities all ready for you. Then there’s the local area, offering a treasure chest of hidden gems around every corner. Just let us know what kind of thing grabs your fancy and we’ll get everything organised.

The Local Area

Nestled beneath the Malvern Hills in the heart of Worcestershire, Stanbrook Abbey is located in a goldmine of history and culture just waiting to be explored.

The Cotswolds

Chocolate-box villages and towns filled with honey-coloured cottages; castles and palaces all surrounded by breath taking natural beauty – The Cotswolds is a hidden gem.

Places to visit

There’s plenty to entertain the eye and tantalise your cultural taste buds in all directions of Stanbrook Abbey and we're ready to point you in all the best ones.

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